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    About MUNSC


At Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC) we seek to bring the world of the United Nations, diplomacy and international politics closer to students regardless of their field of study. In order to achieve this, MUNSC organizes simulation exercises, general debates, interactive lectures, workshops, and various other social activities that also help our members to develop and improve their diplomatic, public speaking and negotiation skills. The first Slovenian MUN club (formed by 5 students in the fall of 2012), MUNSC functions within the youth section of the United Nations Associations of Slovenia (UNAS), where we believe that participation in MUNSC projects prepares MUNSC members, particularly students, for the challenges of the multicultural, interconnected and globalized future. Furthermore, it encourages volunteerism and facilitates critical reflection on contemporary issues of international politics, as well as life in general.


Simulations constitute the focal point of all our activities. This is where our members are put on their mettle, as they take on the task of representing a country’s position in key international bodies, both within the UN and beyond. Several simulations are organized during the year, ranging from afternoon mock sessions to full-fledged two-day mini-conferences, all with the aim of perfecting our members’ rhetoric, argumentation, technical writing and negotiation skills.

Workshops encompass introductory presentations covering some of the basic concepts in international relations and international law, as well as more practically oriented sessions focused on position paper writing and numerous other skills, which have proven indispensable in the world of MUNs.

MUN conferences abroad are where the magic happens. Each year MUNSC members, under the watchful eye of our most seasoned delegates, travel abroad to attend some of the most high-profile MUN conferences in the world. While mentally and physically exhausting, international conferences more than make up for it with exotic topics, inter-council dynamics and thrilling social life – all of it experienced in the company of fellow MUN enthusiasts from around the globe.

Teambuilding events offer an opportunity to meet and hang out with like-minded, enthusiastic and inquisitive young people. A relaxed evening, spent watching your favourite football clubs face off against each other, or discussing the pitfalls of poststructuralist methodology over a pint of beer, our social events are sure to introduce many interesting acquaintances and even friends into your life.

MUNSC Salient represents our very own week-long conference characterized by a unique take on the MUN concept. Traditionally taking place in July and lasting for one whole week, MUNSC Salient is set apart from other similar events by its its focus on a single overarching issue explored through simulations of various international bodies, as well as its distinct educational component in the form of interactive lectures, roundtables and workshops. Coupled with a truly global attendance and the possibility to participate either as a delegate or a member of the organizing team, MUNSC Salient undoubtedly stands at the pinnacle of the MUNSC experience.