Gorizia: Simulation Game

salient_goriziaPublished by Jure Macuh on 10 April, 2017.

The MUN Slovenia Club had once again ventured on a diplomatic mission to strengthen ties with our partner MSOI Gorizia. A five-member delegation attended a mock session at the wonderful University of Gorizia. The topic of discussion in the UN General Assembly was the Treatment of Prisoners in Times of War.

The Five Wise Men of MUNSC valiantly represented their countries. They were assigned to represent India, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United States of America, Egypt and the Holly See. In the debate, several disagreements arose, and the Assembly faced substantial challenges due to the deviating opinions of the Member States, which resulted in many interesting debates. Delegates were not afraid to challenge one another on the stances of their respective countries. Even though there were several obstacles to succumb, the Assembly held a very productive session, and provided the Presiding Officers with a comprehensive resolution on the topic, that enjoyed a broad support among the states. The experienced MUNSC members gallantly offered their knowledge on crafting the wording of the resolution to many first-time MUNers present at the mock session. A successful adoption of the resolution was accompanied by a thunderous applause.

The productivity of the delegates was rewarded with a banquet and the sound of toasts to a successful day and friendships at the social event that followed the session. The diplomatic mission was a very apparent success as several ties were made among the members of the two clubs. This, as the rumours have it, includes the relations of a bilateral nature (wink, wink). The members of MSOI Gorizia were not very keen of letting the MUNSC delegation leave the social early, but a sense of duty, and obligations to MUNSC Members’ academic pursuits countered the very persuasive negotiation skills of the future diplomats from Gorizia. The mock session was a great success, and is proof of great relations between MSOI Gorizia and MUNSC. That is why MUNSC thanks our friends for inviting us, and hosting us for an exceptional day. We look forward to future joint-projects, which we hope will be plenty.


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