MEU Strasbourg 2017

MEUS_placardPublished by Miha Humar on 26 March, 2017.

I had the honor to take part in MEU Strasbourg 2017 (18-25 March) as MEP of EPP from Luxembourg. At first I got quite rush getting such a small country, in big party and very particular interests. However, once I got relaxed in the role I also tried myself as a Rapporteur of EP for the European Council. From completely technical view, I enjoyed my roles and have expanded my knowledge of European politics and law. I don’t consider myself as hardcore MEU/MUN-er but I do consider myself as an experienced delegate. Anyone with the same feeling can relate how I feel after 7 exhausting days of another simulation.

However, I do not want to complain how small the breakfasts were, how stringent the timetable, nor I don’t want to praise the great organizing team and how great amazing the socials were. This experience was something completely different and on a whole new level for me. How come? Of course, every simulation’s aim is primarily to have fun, learn something new and meet new people, but not this time. Given the world, more precisely the European Union, we live in today the post-MEUS depression was replaced by reflection. At first reflections on exciting political games between the European Council and European Parliament, where I acted as Rapporteur for European Parliament and provided my fair part in these political games, then on extraordinary socials, from which only images help to remember, and lastly on all the people that I already knew and those I had the pleasure to get to know.

But as Rocky said in his famous speech to his son in Rocky V, life is not a fairy-tale. Driving to France, we have been stopped on borders for checks, I have witnessed things that are in contradiction to every single principle on which our beautiful band of nations has been built. In fact, it was these experiences that made this simulation so amazing for me. On one side, I got to experience the spirit of the EU and simulations themselves, bonding and having fun with people no matter their origin, while on the other side the ugly side of current political discourse in EU, policemen arbitrarily stopping, questioning people and taking them into custody. In no way can I generalize the good or the bad on whole EU, but one thing is for sure, I came back more determined than ever to contribute to our common will to live together in EU.

I firmly believe that at the end of the day these simulations aren’t only for fun, but represent an important part in shaping us as students, as European citizens and as people. Let my short message also serve as an appeal to all who falter to join a simulation or are in any other way afraid. Do not be afraid, these simulations are fun and games up to the day you realize that you wouldn’t be the same person without them. And don’t forget, cockroaches might survive a nuclear blast, but they wouldn’t survive the fall of EU!



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