Moc Session: Human Trafficking

Published by Teja Dobnik on 24 March, 2017.mock

Human trafficking is, according to Ms Emelia Allan, Child Protection Specialist based in Ghana working for UNICEF, ‘’one of the heinous crimes against humanity, as it retards a nation’s development and promotes criminal conduct, corruption, and undermines human resource development’’. Members of MUNSC are aware of this highly disruptive issue for global society, which is the reason why the topic of Human Trafficking was chosen as the theme for the mock session of 23rd of March 2017.

In true MUN spirit, several MUNSC members attended the mock session, each with their designated country’s agenda. At this point it is worth mentioning that the best recipe for a colourful discussion is having countries with opposing views of which global issues are of significant importance to the international community. The ideological bloodbath between Arab and Western countries was presided over by two lovely MUNSC chaps, Jure Macuh and Miha Trstenjak, both of which truly earned their chairing stripes.

Almost at the beginning of the debate one could see two alliances forming. Delegates exhibited a modern rendition of the classic tune of “an enemy of my enemy is my friend”, which resulted in very vocal Arab countries (together with Asian allies China and India) serving as one block, and African and Latin American countries serving as the other block. Both sides expressed their views on the matter, with the Arab-Asian block stressing the importance of their own values, and begging the other block to try and see their importance and not dismiss them so lightly. On the other side, African, Latin and American countries were voicing concerns over the raising number of victims of human trafficking.

The bipolarity of the council created tensions that had everyone on edge, which made following the Rules of Procedure an even greater necessity than usually. The delegates were on fire and did not cut the presiding officers any slack when it came to following the Rules of Procedure. Rules are rules and they need to be followed. A Point of Order here, a Motion to Appeal the Decision of the Chairs there, and before the Chairs knew it, the Council dynamic was similar to the one at the Red Wedding (cheeky little Game of Thrones reference). Despite the situation being demanding, the Chairs managed to get through this ordeal, and almost without breaking a sweat!

The debate reached its peak when some of the countries became zealous advocates of legitimisation of human trafficking in order to make it more moral. Not all the countries agreed with this drastic proposal, which resulted in each of the blocs producing their own resolution. Since time was not on the delegates’ sides, only one resolution made it to voting procedure – the resolution first submitted. But, plot twist! The resolution failed. Nevertheless, the delegates had fun – be it for witty responses from them and the presiding officers, or the long lost Polish member of MUNSC, who decided that he’d rather spend more time with his MUNSC brothers and sisters than be anywhere else.

The mock was one in the series of events, that were organized by the younger generation – the so called MUNSC Minions, in order to obtain the knowledge of organising all that revolves around MUNs, that their older peers have already mastered. First one being the workshop about international law, the next one will be the Teambuilding event which is TBA.


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