Mock session: Women in the Professional Sphere

17990368_1193347677460202_7467663618944610924_oPublished by Jure Macuh on 19 April, 2017.

As the April weather took its typical turn members of the MUN Slovenia Club were not terribly bothered by the occurrence. MUNSC took advantage of the rainy April weather and held a Mock session to prepare for the upcoming MOSTIMUN conference as well as this year’s edition of MUNSC Salient – Youth Conference on Global Matters. We simulated the topic of Women in the Professional Sphere in the UN Women committee. We were very impressed by the enthusiasm and preparation the freshman members of MUNSC showed. The session ended with the successful adoption of a “comprehensive” UN Women resolution. The members of MUNSC are desperately awaiting the start of this year’s MOSTiMUN. By what we have seen we can expect that the MUNSC delegates will have a lot to contribute to the deliberations of their councils.


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