MUNSC Februrary Two-Day Conference 2017


Published by Petja Oplotnik and Barbara Vida on 28 Februrary, 2017.

Model United Nations Slovenia Club hosted the first two-day conference of 2017 between 24-25 February, at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Conference topic was The First Intifada, which put the delegates back in the year 1990, and in the seats of a historical UN Security Council. Livija Marko-Wieser and Žiga Golobič took up the roles of Presiding Officers, and were accompanied by Matic Gumpot and Amanda Teršar as the Crisis Team, which made the two days even more complicated and interesting. This Conference was special for another reason: we had the honor to welcome our fellow delegates and friends from Zagreb, who brought a fresh perspective to the discussion.

The conference started on Friday morning with four sessions. In the first session, the delegations presented their opening remarks according to regular procedure. Peace and tranquility was soon a thing of the past, when the Crisis Team started causing mischief in the second session. Tensions rose, especially with the delegation of Israel, Gašper Črepinšek, who very eagerly defended Israel’s interests. The Security Council was soon doubting its own transparency, when the Crisis Team released information to privy delegations that one of the Member States was being blackmailed. Although the Security Council is supposed to respect the UN Charter, and refrain from the use of force, several threats of war were made. Despite that, the Council was able to submit a working paper at the end of the day. To lower the tensions between delegations after a long day, the entire Council proceeded to the usual MUNSC social gathering spot: the Cutty Sark Pub.

Saturday morning started off with some delegations being absent, but they shortly joined the discussion. The reading time was spent to merge the working papers, but not everything went smoothly. Tensions were still high between delegations. For instance, Israel strongly opposed any decision made without the presence of its delegate. The draft resolution was met with many amendments, most of which failed, but in the end, the resolution proposed by Jordan was accepted (despite the numerous veto threats by almost all Permanent Members(. At the end of the day, the Crisis Team was back at it: they announced that Jordan was invaded by Israel and Egypt, and that all the hard work up to that point went to waste. The session ended with Egypt and Israel having the last laugh, though.

Speaking of last laughs, two delegates certainly had cause for laughter and celebration. The recipient of the Best Delegate Award was Toni Požar, and the recipient of the Honorable Mention was Sonja Trgovčić. Congratulations to both!

After the shock of the Two-Day Conference, we all went to lunch at Skuhna and drinks at Čolnarna in Tivoli.


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