MUNSC Workshop: International Law and State Responsibility

MUNSC_workshopPublished by Jure Macuh on 9 March, 2017.

The members of the Model United Nations Slovenia Club took part at a workshop on Monday 6 March, at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The workshop titled International Law and State Responsibility: From Human Rights to Cyber Warfare was lead by Rok Jamnik, who brought us closer to the topics of international safeguarding of human rights and cyber warfare in the context of international law. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to international safeguarding of human rights remains one of the most fundamental task of the United Nations with a multitude of dimensions as explained by Rok. The second part of the workshop concentrating on cyber warfare, which is currently a very disruptive and complex topic in international affairs The workshop attracted the attention of several MUNSC members who were eager to learn more about both topics. This was the second lecture held by Rok Jamnik and we are looking very forward to his future lectures.



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