Happy Holidays


Published by MUNSC Executive Board on 23 December, 2016.

We wish you peaceful, joyful, and above all, happy holidays. The holidays are a time of reflection on the past. We would like to take this opportunity and express our gratitude to everyone who has been part of our story. Thank you for sticking with us! May good fortune follow you and your loved ones wherever you are. Happy Holidays, and see you in 2017!

MUNSC Executive Board

Gorizia comes to Ljubljana, Vol. 2: Human Rights Protection in Post-Conflict Societies

skupinskaPublished by Žiga Golobič on 16 December, 2016.

Model United Nations Slovenia Club was extremely excited to welcome our Italian MUN brethren from Gorizia back to wonderful festive Ljubljana just before the Christmas holidays. Building upon our partnership from last year, when we hosted the Gorizia delegation for a mock debate and an extensive social programme and were then in turn hosted in Gorizia for a Model NATO simulation, we opted for a Human Rights Council mock debate on the protection of Children’s Rights in post-conflict societies – accompanied, again, by an extensive social programme.

Since we are all Model UN enthusiasts, we naturally opted to begin with the mock debate on the first day – a wise man once said: “you do won’t truly know someone, until you fight them.” Since a highly-structured series of verbal duels can serve this purpose just as well as a free-for-all melee, it seemed like the more prudent choice – besides, nothing breaks ice like MUN-punishment-camaraderie. With roughly twenty delegates participating in the mock debate, a lively discussion seemed to be the order of the day. Just after the delegates warmed up, they were paid a visit by the Ancient One™, who in a no-surprise move assumed the mantle of Nigeria for the rest of the debate.

Humbled by the presence of the One-Who-Was-Ancient-When-The-World-Was-Young, a wave of constructiveness washed over the participants, resulting in a great number of topic-relevant issues being discussed by the coffee break. As is often the case, however, the highly-coveted coffee break had a somewhat detrimental effect on the delegates’ focus. This was warmly welcomed by the Presiding Officers, who dutifully wrote down the infractions and summarily punished more than half of the participants by the end of the day.

Good-spirited after the debate, we moved on to a nearby culinary establishment for some delicious and well-deserved beers, burgers and fries. As the evening was still young, we then proceeded to the beautiful city centre of Ljubljana, where we appreciated the Christmas lights and holiday spirit. MUN Slovenia Club would once again like to thank our charming partners from Gorizia for joining us in celebrating our joint MUN-ness and spending some of their holidays with us again this year. We are already looking forward to what 2017 will bring!

IsarMUN 2016

fb_img_1481898220791Published by Amanda Teršar on 16 December, 2016.

The delegation of MUNSC has participated in the Isar MUN conference in Munich, Germany. The delegation was small, but powerful, consisting of only four members. Our members participated in OPEC and NATO; the councils not simulated often. Gašper and Amanda represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Libya in OPEC and discussed the topics of the stabilization of oil prices and the expansion of OPEC, Matic and Patrik engaged in the discussion on the expansion of NATO, representing the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Russian Federation.

Gašper has caused much grey hair to his chairs by striving to enforce the rules of procedure and defend the honour of the delegates in the council. Apart from being an amazing delegate, the best Head delegate, full of energy and always ready to help, Gašper has the ability to send undiplomatic diplomatic notes, which is a rare skill nowadays. He won the award of being the coolest delegate in OPEC by the choice of the Secretary General himself.

Amanda did a very successful job in OPEC, providing much needed constructive input into debates, and therefore received very much deserved Best delegate award of the OPEC council. In addition, she caught the eye of young gentlemen from the Royal military academy of Belgium who stood in line for the pleasure of her company during social events.

In the NATO council, Matic has gracefully swept away the competition. Like a true English gentleman, he was cooperating with everyone, helping other delegates and being the most productive. With his bowties, he made the ladies go weak (unfortunately there were not many in the council). Nevertheless he won the best dressed award, although the competition was very hard. Matic has once again proven himself as one of our best members, by winning the Best delegate award. Congratulations!

As a delegate of the Russian Federation to NATO, Patrik was living the dream. While amusing the whole council, he was also very productive and cooperative, authoring the annex to the resolution of the committee. Cooperating tightly with the member of the independent newspaper Russia Today, he was certainly the most quoted delegate of the conference, fighting the silent war through the channels of the media.

Our delegation has once again proven the quality of our club, of which we are extremely proud. Furthermore, thanks to our Head delegate, our members are also very popular at the social events, forming many new friendships and new alliances. Isar MUN was truly a great conference, and we are very much looking forward to many others to come!

International Law Workshop


Published by Laura Martinčič on 7 December, 2016.

Without UN, there is no MUN.”

At MUNSC we are well aware of this fact, and wanted to make sure that our members are well equipped with knowledge of International Law, and are comfortable using it to their advantage at MUNs.

We organized an International Law Workshop on 7 December, with the aim of unveiling the mysteries of International Law, and what is it that actually makes International Law so complicated. The workshop was held by Rok Jamnik, MUNSC alumni member and one of the founders of the club. Over the years he has developed a taste for International Law, which resulted in acquiring a Masters Degree from the Master of Laws Programme.

The workshop covered topics of the connection between MUN and International Law, its sources and subjects, norm life cycles in International Law, norm entrepreneurship, the UN Charter (especially Chapters 6 and 7), elemental cases and some current issues. The workshop included a significant portion of group work, since we believe in the notion of learning by doing and not just memorizing random facts.

In the first exercise, members dissected chosen norm examples and determined who came up with the norm, what was the contextual background of its adoption, and whether or not states actually internalized this norm. Before the second exercise, members tackled the question of what is force, the use of it, and if we can understand it in a different way when talking about contemporary issues, and what is self-defense. The exercise in which members participated, was case analysis. The members had to determine what was the issue of a case, the rule used, how was the rule applied, and what was the conclusion. The cherry on top was the question how would the members decide if they were presented a case like these in a MUN simulation: in favor of use of force or against it. Glad to say that our members are rational beings and not paranoid, trigger-happy future dictators.


ZAGiMUN aftermath


Published by Livija Marko-Wieser and Žiga Golobič on 4 December, 2016.

Once again, MUN Slovenia Club collectively decided to go big and as such sent a major delegation consisting of eleven delegates and four Secretariat members to the first edition of ZAGiMUN taking place in merry, festive Zagreb. While their short stay in Croatia’s capital was dedicated to discussing global challenges concerning shared responsibility, the conference also became the scene of long-awaited reunions with friends that our members have made throughout the year at other conferences in the region. Even more importantly, it gave them a unique insight into what mulled wine should actually taste like – an insight so valuable that the ZAGiMUN Secretariat headed by our honorary MUNSC member and perpetual MUN retiree Paweł Aleksander Kupis would seek out the same food stand every night to warm themselves with the Kupis-approved kuhano vino.

Our own Livija Marko-Wieser and Miloš Aleksić were the presiding officers of the Human Rights Council, which discussed the adverse impact that climate change has on gender inequality. With Livija’s immune system undermining her chairing efforts on the first day, the delegates had the uncommon privilege of having five different people manage their sessions. Given the fact that the issue at hand was a very complex one – the two dimensions of the problem predominantly being addressed separately in the academic and public discourse – the delegates did a fine job of navigating the various concerns that were raised throughout the debate. Unsurprisingly, their diligent and swift work produced a sound resolution that was adopted by a significant number of delegates.

Žiga Golobič, on the other hand, had the pleasure of presiding over the Security Council, which dealt with the rather atypical topic of water security in connection with the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam. Stalwartly defending their national interests, the incredibly active and engaged delegates stood up to wave after wave of crisis-instigated disasters ruthlessly crashing down on their states and desperately tried to find compromise in a deeply divided committee. After a somewhat unexpected negative P5 vote resulted in the failure of the proposed draft resolution, Secretary General Kupis appealed to the delegations, after which they were able to break the impasse with a presidential statement. Combined with the successful signing of a trilateral agreement (an actual typewriter may or may not have been involved at one point!), it clearly signaled the will of the international community to see a most important issue addressed.

All of our members made a very strong showing, but our special congratulations go out to Toni Požar and Maša Mikić who received the Best Delegate Award in their respective committees, as well as Amanda Teršar and Teja Dobnik who were awarded the Honorable Mention.

ZAGiMUN Preparatory Mock

20161124_180411Published by Matic Gumpot on 2 December, 2016.

What does MUNSC do when a large number of our members decide to attend a conference abroad? We prepare a mock session to provide our members with an opportunity to brush up on diplomatic skills, and familiarise themselves with the rules of procedure. As ZAGiMUN was fast approaching, 24th November 2016 was chosen to set four hours aside for the simulation of the Human Rights Council on the topic of Climate Change Enhancing Gender Inequality.

The interest in the event went beyond just those who were about to attend ZAGiMUN, and we were delighted to see also many other members join the session. Žiga Golobič, and Matic Gumpot presided over the debate which touched upon many substantive issues regarding climate change, gender inequality, and how they are interlinked. The quality of speeches, cooperation, and proposals heard from the delegates leaves us with strong feeling they will do tremendously well at ZAGiMUN.

And just to prove it was not all hard work and no fun, we leave you with the topic of the exchange between the delegates of Venezuela, and the US – socialism vs. toilet paper.

MUN(SC)mö – again!


Published by Žiga Golobič on 27 November, 2016.

After Livija and Miloš undertook their daring northbound expedition to Malmö last year, it only makes sense that their awesome experiences there would bring MUN Slovenia Club back across the Øresund strait and into the international embrace of one of Sweden’s youngest cities.

Four days of lively debates in four committees along with four nights of exhilarating socials were the bread and butter of this year’s MUNmö. The conference was organized extremely well, with the dedicated organizing team and Secretariat facing down numerous challenges every day. Part of a truly international chairing team, comprised of eight chairpersons from eight different countries, our own Žiga Golobič had the privilege of guiding the Human Rights Council through the topics of Child Marriage and Female Reproductive Rights. In what turned out to be a stroke of genius, the first day of sessions began in the amazingly inspiring Science and Maritime Museum, where the participants took full advantage of the interactive exhibitions to stimulate their curiosity and boost their creativity. After a period of challenging debates with plenty of humorous detours, the Human Rights Council finished their work in a mad dash for the finish line and successfully passed a resolution addressing the issue of Child Marriage.

The first evening established what would become a staple of the MUNmö experience – great atmosphere and delicious food. The socials worked very well at bringing everyone together, both within (the Human Rights Council especially was a charmingly tight-knit group) and across committees. Culminating in the formal reception at the stunning Malmö Town Hall, they socials proved themselves a more than equal part of the overall experience, providing both relaxation and inspiration in abundance.

All in all, MUNmö 2016 was (again) an unforgettable experience that MUNSC is certainly looking forward to return to next year. We have always looked to expand our repertoire of knowledge and experience for the benefit of our own simulations and conferences and we are very pleased to report that MUNmö provided both in abundance. Our special thanks go out to the Organizing team and the Secretariat for giving us such a warm welcome this year – we are looking forward to meeting you again in expected and unexpected places!

MUNSC Teambuilding


Published by Laura Martinčič on 16 November, 2016.

MUNSC members got together on 15 November with a clear aim of bonding and deepening the ties and friendships that already exist among them. The teambuilding event was to a bad start – we were missing some members, and those who actually came forgot to switch into their ‘social butterfly’ modes. Luckily, we had some aces up our sleeves that could serve as ice-breakers. Who doesn’t like to be all chatty with random people over a glass of sweet, fruity substances, right? (It was berry juice, you nosy little thing.)

The official part of the teambuilding event started with the first group activity: the human knot. MUNSC members were divided into two groups, each one forming a tight knot, which they needed to untangle. MUNSC members got up close and personal with one another in that activity, which caused waves of laughter and tears of joy. And sweat. Definitely sweat. Picking up the tempo of the evening, MUNSC members were faced with several challenges that demanded a lot of teamwork, coordination, and thinking outside the box. We really don’t want to go into details, but a roll of toilet paper was involved in all of this. You’re probably asking yourself “Why on Earth did they need toilet paper?!”. Well…you’d know that if you had come to the event! Join us next time? *wink wink*

The last activity of the 2-hour event in which MUNSC members participated, brought together casual small talk, MUN traditions, and a healthy dose of competition. Members had the chance to get to know each other a little bit better, and in the process ruffle some feathers with slightly provocative written comments about people. While competing for the ‘best selfie award‘. The evening ended in a nearby bar, where MUNSC members continued the bonding experience.

We promised the event will be awesome. The event was indeed so awesome, our camera could not handle the awesomeness, resulting in a severe lack of pictures. Although we’re lacking in the picture-proof-department this time around, we are certain all those who attended made some new memories that will stick with them forever.

Marketplace of International Opportunities


Published by Laura Martinčič on 10 November, 2016.

MUNSC will be presenting our activities at the Marketplace of International Opportunities (sl. Tržnica mednarodnih priložnosti) on  Wednesday, 16 November 2016, between 16.15 and 17.15 in the Great Hall (2nd floor) at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. The event is part of a cycle of events titled Challenges Abroad (sl. Izivi v tujini).

Additional information is available here and the schedule here. (Both documents are in Slovenian).



Registrations for Rome MUN


Published by Laura Martinčič on 9 November, 2016.

It is our great pleasure to announce that registrations for Rome MUN are open! Be sure to read up on the event before you apply. Additional information is available here.